About us

Jet Abbink

10 years ago, as i spent a winter as a doghandler in
Sweden, i knew right away, that i will always come back again to sweden. The breathtaking landscape, the work with the dogs and last but not least the wonderful people who live here, inspired me.

At the moment i'm absolving a study as t-touch trainer for dogs and am short before the statements exams to become a dog behaviour consultant.
After schooltime i had a placement as vet assistant.In 2010 i got the diploma as dogtrainer.

In switzerland i was working for a long time in
gastronomy. The contact with guests from all kind of cuntries is fascinating me and when i can look into a satisfied
face after a working day,it makes me happy.

Currently we have 28 huskies 3 Jämthund and one Catteldog. A curious, affectionate dignified pack full of joy and movement. Our huskies are very friendly to people and enjoy each stroking. Each dog is a unique personality with strengths and weaknesses, individual character and temperament. Together they form a strong team, a pack, a family.
The work with the Huskies is based on friendship , trust and sensitivity. But without forgetting that human beings are the undisputed dog pack leader.

Our dogs

The farm

The husky farm is situated on the outskirt of the small village Häggsjövik, aproximately 100 kilometers in the northern west of Östersund. About 40 persons do still live here in this beautiful place. Because it isn't easy to find a job,most of the young people move to Östersund or other cities.

8 years ago i bought this estate. It exists of a residential building and aproximately 4000
square meter reversal. Gradually i refurbished the house and then built dog kennels;and for the coming years i'm
planning a wooden sauna and a log cabin.

My guests lodge in a lovely house which is for disposal before and after their tour.

Hut Eric:

Hut Ylva:

The dogs live in spacious kennels and do have a big playground.