Course week in understanding dogs


In this course it goes about observe and learn from dogs. The lessons are so designed that we can combine learning and fun. During your free time you can canoeing, biking or hike during summer; and in winter icefishing, snowshoeing and of course sledging.

We'll show you what it takes to understand dogs. This course is also suitable for dog newcomers as for experienced dog connoisseur.

Observe and learn is our motto

Because dogs communicate through body signals and infrequent through vocalisations,this is for humans an unusual way of conversation.

You wish you could read those signals and would like to understand your dog even better?Through observation exercises in different situations we learn a lot about the personalities of our dogs and can „read“them better and better.

The course week is structured as following/daily routine

  • breakfast together
  • theory introduction to the topic of the day lesson
  • practical part, observe the dogs, make short videos etc.
  • lunch brake
  • depending on the program continue day lesson, connected with activities like fishing, hiking, canoeing with or without dog and many more.
  • dinner

Course contents

  • appeasement signals
  • body signals for playing
  • stress and overwork
  • fear and aggression
  • behavior
  • defensive/offensive threaten behavior
  • understand dogs and what else is important for a harmonious human-dog relationship

Interested? We like to send you the detailled program, ask us under: more dog behavior jet-sleddogs